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Year: 2001

  • R-Moreno, M. D., Borrajo, D. & Meziat, D (2001). An Artificial Intelligence Planner for Satellites Operations.. In ESA Workshop on On-Board Autonomy. (AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands)., pages 233-240. [More]
  • R-Moreno, M. D., Borrajo, D. & Meziat, D (2001). Applying an AI Planner to Schedule Ground Satellites Operations.. In {Working notes of the IJCAI'01 Workshop on Planning with Resources}. IJCAI Press. Seattle, WA (USA), pages 66-67. [More]
  • R-Moreno, M. D., Prieto, M., and Meziat, D., Medina, J. & Mart, C (2001). Control y testeo autom. In CAEPIA01, Oviedo (Spain). [More]
  • Criado, J. I. & Barrero, D. F. (2001). Internet en los municipios de la Comunidad de Madrid: Un estudio comparativo. Internal Report of the Comunidad de Madrid. [More]
  • Barrero, D. F. (2001). Internacionalización con Gettext. Sólo Programadores Mundo Linux, 36. [More]

Year: 2000

  • R-Moreno, M. D., Borrajo, D. & Meziat, D. (2000). Transforming Business Processes Modelling into Planning Problems.. PLANET News Letter, 2, 10-12. [More]
  • R-Moreno, M. D., Kearney, P. & Meziat, D (2000). A Case Study: Using Workflow and AI planners.. In Procs. of the 19th Workshop of the UK Planning and Scheduling Special Interest Group. PLANSIG2000. The Open University, UK. [More]
  • Prieto, M., Sánchez, S., Meziat, D., R-Moreno, M. D., Medina, J. & Mart, C (2000). Calibration Tool for an On Board Instrument for Cosmic Ray Measurement. Austin. Texas.(U.S.A). In National Instruments. NI Week. [More]
  • Prieto, M., R-Moreno, M. D. & Meziat, D (2000). PESCA Instrument Ground Station Simulation Program.. In 17th European Cosmic Ray Symposium, Lodz, Polonia. [More]
  • R-Moreno, M. D., Borrajo, D. & Meziat, D (2000). Process Modelling and AI Planning Techniques: A New Approach.. In Second International Workshop on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services. IIWAS2000. Yogyakarta.. [More]
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