Planning system and automatic control for long-term learning process in education electronic environments

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This project has two main goals, the first one is to design new intelligent techniques applied in a articular (educational) domain, the second ones is related with the development of specific intelligent systems that could be applied in the current information society. On one hand, we are interested in analyzing and designing new intelligent techniques with the capability of automatically solve tasks that need from the integration of automated planning with time and resources restrictions in an electronic educational environment. These new techniques will be applied in long-life processes, therefore other characteristics such as collaborative work (and learning) between different users and the interaction among different agents (human or software) that could perform the system needs to be considered. This new kind of intelligent techniques will allow defining, and modifying, several quality parameters that can be used by the users (educators), to understand the current learning process of their students. Moreover, through the utilization of different Artificial Intelligence techniques, such as planning and scheduling, will be able to modify those learning processes, and the proposed contents in a particular course, to find a new topics, or contents, distribution to solve the detected problems. Thus, we have defined a set of scientific goals related to planning and scheduling, e-Learning, collaborative learning and multi-agent systems.