Replanificación logística basada en técnicas de regresión

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Research Area:
Evolutionary Algorithms, Data Analysis and Machine Learning
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Project leaders:
María Dolores R-Moreno
David Camacho
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The aim of the project was to develop an AI based to help a logistic company to improve its routes planning process. In order to achieve this goal, the tool uses the knowledge acquired by the company drivers to propose optimised routes. Hence, the tool gathers the experience of the drivers, processes it and optimises the delivery process. The solution uses data mining to extract knowledge from the company information systems and prepares it for analysis with a case-based reasoning (CBR) algorithm. The CBR obtains critical business intelligence knowledge from the drivers experience that is needed by the planner. The design of the routes is done by a genetic algorithm that, given the processed information, optimises the routes following several objectives, such as minimise the distance or time.