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Year: 2013

  • Stoica, A., Barrero, D. F. & McDonald-Maier, K (2013). Improved Targeting though Collaborative Decision-Making and Brain Computer Interfaces. In 2013 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2013). San Diego, CA, EEUU. [More]
  • Stoica, A., Theodoridis, T. & Barrero, D. F (2013). Towards Human-Friendly Efficient Control of Multi-Robot Teams. In CTS 2013 4th International Workshop on Collaborative Robots and Human Robot Interaction. San Diego, CA, EEUU. [More]
  • Muñoz, P., Barrero, D. F. & R-Moreno, M. D. (2013). Statistic Methods for Path-Planning Algorithms Comparison. KI - K\"unstliche Intelligenz, 27(3), 201-211. [More]

Year: 2014

  • Corral, H. Y. & Párraga, J. C (2014). STSIM: Semantic-web Based Tool to Student Instruction Monitoring.. In CSEDU (1), pages 276-284. [More]
  • Barrero, D. F., Hernández-Castro, J. C., Peris-Lopez, P., Camacho, D. & R-Moreno, M. D. (2014). A genetic tango attack against the David-Prasad RFID ultra-lightweight authentication protocol. Expert Systems, 31(1), 9-19. [More]
  • Hernández-Castro, C. J., R-Moreno, M. D. & Barrero, D. F (2014). Side-channel attack against the Capy HIP. In 2014 International Conference on Emerging Security Technologies, pages 99-104. IEEE. [More]
  • Hernández-Castro, C. J., Barrero, D. F. & R-Moreno, M. D (2014). A Machine Learning Attack Against the Civil Rights CAPTCHA. In 8th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing, pages 239-248. IEEE. [More]

Year: 2015

  • Barrero, D. F., {n}oz, P. M., Camacho, D. & R-Moreno, M. D. (2015). On the Statistical Distribution of the Run-Time to Success in Population-Based Search Algorithms. Soft Computing, . [More]
  • Hernández-Castro, C., Barrero, D. F. & R-Moreno, M. D. (2015). Image recomposition HIPs - using JPEG to measure image continuity and break Capy and other puzzle CAPTCHAs. IEEE Internet Computing, . [More]
  • {n}oz, P. M., Barrero, D. F. & R-Moreno, M. D. (2015). A Statistically Rigorous Analysis of 2D Path-Planning Algorithms. The Computing Journal, . [More]
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